Analytics Project Examples
  • Industry trend analysis based on patent landscaping.
  • R&D target search by white space analysis.
  • Search for Utilization of Patent Portfolio.
An example of Consultation Process
  • Discussion of Analytics Subject and Organization of Analytics Method (Hearing if needed)/Analytics Proposal and Cost Estimate/Analytics Operation/Analytics Report (Presentation if requested).
Industry trend analysis based on patent landscaping

We analyze trends in competitors and industry technologies based on patent documents, technical literatures and public information.

Analytics methods include inventor analysis and rights transfer status in patents, various statistical data, analysis information such as technology and market classification, general information such as technical papers, M&A information and investment information can be combined.

R&D target search by white space analysis

We can provide R&D target search by white space analysis using patent information (technical area for new entry and patent filing).

For white space analysis, we will create and use matrix charts by combining technical elements.

As a matrix chart with a combination of technical elements, we can grasp the detailed trends of the target technology by using a combination of issues and solutions, a combination of technology and application, etc.

By conducting white space analysis, you can figure out new application of certain technology and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of competitors and major players in the target industry.

Search for Utilization of Patent Portfolio
  • We provide you better use of dormant patents that are no longer actively used in your registered patent collection.
  • We also provide you patent citation analysis within the related technical fields to help you examine relevant companies with patents that you are seeking for better use.
  • Based on the descriptions in the patent specifications, we consult you better use of technologies or substances that you would like to further explore or find you companies to transfer your patents.
  • It is also possible to respond to surveys conducted by other companies. (Consultation is required for details such as survey availability and usage information).
Evidence of Use Search

We identify potential infringement of your existing patent by comparing patent claims and competitor's product.



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