• Our analysts are experts in their fields for handling global patent databases and other various data sources of technical, corporate and industry information that are essential in providing IP search and analytics.

  • Many of our analysts have experiences in IP division and/or R&D division of practicing companies. Based on such experiences and expertises in IP search and analytics, our analysts design and lead the projects to match with the client's needs.

  • Based on business partnership with CPA Global, we handle global search and analytics projects for clients by colaboration of both Japanese and oversea analysts.

  • We have quality control team to maintain the quality of the search and analytics reports.


  • Prior art search before patent filing in various technical fields

  • Invalidity search for problem patents when conducting business in various technical fields

  • FTO search for preventing infringing on the rights of other companies before conducting business in various technical fields

  • Patent landscape in artificial intelligence, health foods, automobiles, and other industries

  • Ananlysis on IP strategy of competitors

  • Search on new use of chemical material

  • Search for patent utilization companies in major electronics manufacturers

  • Collection of proceedings support materials in the telecommunications field

  • Analysis of IP rights transfer and US litigation information in the IT field


  • In 2012, Landon IP GK was established in Shinagawa, Tokyo as a Japanese subsidiary of LANDON IP Inc., USA.

  • In 2014, CPA Global (UK) acquired LANDON IP Inc. (USA). Landon IP GK has become a group company of CPA Global.

  • In 2017, our office moved from Shinagawa to Shinjuku.

  • In 2018, CPA Global (UK) transferred the ownership of Landon IP GK to NGB Corporation (JP). Landon IP GK continues its IP search and analysis business as an independently from NGB Corporation, keeping the partnership with CPA Global (UK).


  • We provides you one-stop searching for both Japanese and global searches.

Patent search

  • Minesoft PatBase

  • Questel Orbit Intelligence

  • Panasonic PatentSQUARE

  • Hitachi Shareresearch

  • LexisNexis TotalPatent

NPL search

  • JDreamⅢ

  • ProQuest、Engineering Village、IEEE Xplore、CAS STN、etc*


  • CiNii



  • Japan Nationan Diet Library Search

  • *available based on the partnership with CPA Global



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